Q: What browsers do you support?
A: We recommend that customers view the programs using IE (8 and above), or an updated version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Our system is also fully compatible with most mobile devices supporting 5 or greater as well as Android version 3 or greater.

Q: What is needed to view yourpresentations?
A: Adobe Flash plug-in or a HTML5 compatible browser/device.

Q: Why can't I hear the audio when I'm watching a video?
A: To make sure that you hear sound while watching videos, please check the volume controls on your computer. Also, be sure to increase the volume on your video player.

Q: What is a Credit Reporting Organization (CRO)?
A: The credit reporting organization is the overarching administrator of specific credit. BOMA webinars have been approved for credit by some or all of the following three credit reporting organizations:

  • BOMI: Building Owners and Managers Institute International
  • BOC: Building Operator Certification
  • GBCI: Green Building Certification Institute

Q: How do I receive continuing professional development (CPD) credits for a webinar?
A: Make sure that you have the appropriate CRO added to your account. To do this, please log-in to your account.

Q: How do I add or edit my Credit Reporting Organization?
A: In order to receive a certificate, you must have the credit reporting association added to your account. To add a CRO:

1.     Log into your account at webinars.boma.org.

2.    Once logged in, you will land on your Account Profile page.

3.    Scroll down to the Account Preference section of the Account Profile page. This section is at the bottom.

4.     Click on the link “Add or Edit Credit Reporting Organizations.”

5.     Select the credit reporting organizations you would like to retrieve a certificate for from the drop down menu. Be sure to add the ID number for the credit reporting organization if necessary. You may have more than one CRO associated to your account.

Q: How do I edit my personal information?
A: Once logged in, click on the and scroll down until you see the “Edit My Profile” section.

Q: How do I retrieve my password?
A: Click on the on the upper right-hand corner. Below the login section is where you enter your email to retrieve your password.f you do not have a username or password, scroll down on that page and fill out the information to create a user profile.

Q: This website looks different; will I use the same login information I used for previous webinars?
A: No. BOMA recently upgraded our webinar system, and the new website requires a different login. If you are a member of BOMA International, you can use the same login information you use to log in into. If you are not a member and do not currently have an account with you will need to create an account. Click on on the upper right-hand corner of the website, scroll down until you see “create a profile” and then fill in the requested information.

Q: What are the webinar registration fees?
A: Webinars are only $49 for members and $79 for non-members. Pricing for BEEP 2.0 courses will vary, please see the webinars.boma.org for more information

Thirty days past the live event, the price for all on-demand webinars drops to $39 members/$69 non-members. This does not include BOMA BEEP 2.0 courses that will expire after 30 days without the purchase of an extended use license, or BOMA tutorials which are FREE for both members and non-members.

Q: If I signed up for a webinar but was unable to attend, can I still view it?
A: All webinars are recorded, archived and then available for on-demand viewing. All registrants will receive an email at the conclusion of the webinar with information on how to access the on-demand version. You will have access to this webinar for one year. BOMA BEEP 2.0 courses will expire after 30 days without the purchase of an extended use license. 

Q: What is an on-demand webinar?
A: Archived webinars can be viewed on-demand for one year from the purchase date. This means that you can start and stop the recording at your leisure and view it as much as you want in that time frame.

After 30 days of the live event the price for all on-demand webinars is dropped to $39 members/$69 non-members, except BOMA Tutorials which are FREE for both members and non-members. These rules do not apply to BOMA BEEP 2.0 courses that will expire after 30 days or to BOMA tutorials which are FREE for both members and non-members.

Q: Can multiple people view the webinar with my login?
A: Registration for all live webinars is by site. A site is defined as an internet connection, so one registration fee allows unlimited listeners on the connection via computer speakers at that location. So you can login from your conference room and invite your employees or colleagues to view the program during that scheduled time.

If several people want to view the webinar on their own time and at their personal computer, they will need to purchase a separate registration to login.